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  • Messages & Policies of NICE to the Eastern Japanese Earthquake 16/03/2011

Messages & Policies of NICE to the Eastern Japanese Earthquake 16/03/2011


Messages & Policies of NICE to the Eastern Japanese Earthquake
Vol.1 on 2011 March 16th


1) The usual projects and activities of our organization
2) The special actions for the future being planned
3) Introduction of some information
4) Advocacy and Call to Governments, Companies and Citizens
5) Encouragement from all over the world

We plan to update this messages & policies about once a week.
If you have any opinions, suggestions and offers for cooperation, please contact to nice@nice1.gr.jp (Kai).

* This is published also at http://www.nice1.gr.jp/higashinihon.

NICE (Never-ending International workCamps Exchange)
President: KAIZAWA Shinichiro/ Director: UEDA Eiji/ All the other staff members
2-1-14-401 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022, JAPAN Tel. 03-3358-7140 Fax. 03-3358-7149
Website: http://www.nice1.gr.jp
A giant earthquake occurred in the eastern part of Japan on March 11th, which damage has sparked an unprecedented. Every time we see the situation handed on the internet and television, we feel deep sorrow.
For those victims and their related people, we would like feel deep condolences.
We just hope that the damage will be halted and the situation will improved as much as possible.
Secondary disasters such as fire, tsunami and expansion of a radiation leak are still continued in the areas.
We sincerely hope that everyone will spend on safety as the first priority.

While maintaining and developing our daily projects and operations well, we will also create and expand special actions as effectively as possible together with many groups and individuals, considering proper match between emergency and long-term perspective, our strengths/ limits and the social needs.
Your cooperation is essential, thank you.

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1) The usual projects and activities of our organization

Except for some projects relatively close to the affected areas, we operate the projects and activities as usual and as planned. We have confirmed the safety of all volunteers in the running projects and staff of local partner organizations.
If you are living in the affected area and apply for volunteering in our projects, please mentioned it in the application form (so, we may consider to reduce the fees, etc.).

1-1. International workcamps in Japan (1 to 6 weeks) Currently, all projects are prepared and run as planned (no cancellation).

1-2. International workcamps abroad (1 to 6 weeks) As usual, we are sending volunteers from Japan to all over the world.

1-3. LMTV projects in Japan (more than 6 weeks) We are stopping to recruit volunteers for the projects in Fukushima city and Samegawa village both in Fukushima prefecture. All other projects are prepared and run as planned.

1-4. Long-term international volunteers (more than 6 weeks) As usual, we are sending volunteers from Japan to all over the world.

1-5. Weekend workcamps in Japan (less than 1 week) Among the project in March 19th-20th, Tsukuba, Ishioka (both in Ibaraki
prefecture) and Hinode (Tokyo prefecture, only due to transportation limit) have been canceled. All the other projects are prepared and run as planned.

1-6. Other activities and organizational management Promotion seminars and meetings are being done as planned/ scheduled.
If case of any change or cancellation, we will contact to the applicants.
The opening hours of the national office in Tokyo was a bit shortened on the 15th and the 16th due to the disturbance of public transportation, however as transportation has been restored, we are opening as usual from the 17th (10:00-12:30 and 13:30-18:00 on Monday to Friday) .

2) The special actions for the future being planned

2-1. Emergent cooperation (Mar-Apr)
: Volunteering in and around the disaster areas

Currently, NICE is not sending any volunteers there.
As there are many people who are now in difficult situations, we NICE staff would like to do something now even a little thing.
However, the situation is fluid. We think that as long as the local needs, the capacity/ situations of the local host and the safety are unclear, we may not be able to work effectively or even make troubles to them.

On the other hand, we will keep contacts with the local partners and the members there and when the above concerns are solved to some extent, we would like to carry out the effective work.
When concrete plans will be made, we will inform you.

<Note: Our local partners (such as educational /environment NPO) in the
Kurihara city (Miyagi prefecture), Iwaki city, Hanawa city, Abukuma city, Fukushima city, Aizuwakamatsu city, Showa village (all Fukushima prefecture)

2-2. Urgent work (Mar-Apr): Arrangement of home stay from the affected areas

As a first step, we will arrange home stay among 12,065 full/ cooperate members. Area, period and conditions will be agreed by mutual discussion.
We are looking for 1) the members in the other regions who can host them and 2) the members in the affected areas who wish to do home stay.

* As mentioned in 1), we can also accept volunteers from the affected areas in the international workcamps and/ or LMTV projects. Non members can also apply though they anyway need to be fulfilled in the qualifications we usually requite (e.g. motivation to work, etc.)

2-3. Reconstruction work (from May)

NICE has been organized 2,874 workcamps in 21 years with 45,661 vols.
with partner NGOs in 100 countries and 150 local partners in Japan, so by these networks, know-how and capacity, we will actively try to organize the reconstruction projects.

The type of the projects can be workcamp of groups volunteering (from a few days to several months) or individuals (including sending coordinators of many volunteers coming from all over the country).
Various patterns will be decided according to the local conditions and policies (ex. to have international vols. or not). Activities (e.g. House cleaning, restoration fields, help for elderly people living alone) and the numbers of vols. will be also decided according to local needs!

Volunteers are energetic people who gathered on a voluntary basis.
(Most are young people, however everyone is welcome!) Technical guidance on the work is often done by local people that can be some limit/ weakness, but sometimes possibilities/ strength.

New places and organizations can be also our project partners, so if you are interested in, please contact us.
When the concrete plan will be made, we will inform you.

2-4. Receiving further stay from the disaster area (from May)

Following the 2-2, as the second stage, we will target a broader range of people. In addition to accept in the normal projects, special projects (workcamps, farm stay, etc.) organized for the people from the affected areas might be planned in cooperation with the governments, companies and NPOs.

2-5. Accepting donations

NICE has created "Fund for actions to support the affected areas by the Eastern Japanese Earthquake, to promote actions of 2-1 to 2-4.
For now, we don't accept the stuff because we do not have a reliable way to send, etc., but but might do it in the future when ready.

* Donations are not for emergency aid supplies for displaced people in the present, but spent mainly for reconstruction assistance activities.
For example,
+ Required materials and equipments for work Round trip transportation
+ of project leaders Meals and lodging of volunteers and the people in
+ affected area We will not use more than 20% of the fund for the
+ administrative
cost for operating these actions in NICE such as communication and printing for the actions and staff cost who will coordinate them.

* We will report the plan, use and impact of donation and the collected amount on our website time by time. We plan to announce the donated persons and the amounts so those who wish to remain anonymous, please inform us. (Note: In 2010, NICE got donations of 9,104,319 yen.)

* You can donate also by credit card. Please see below.
By the bank transfer (please inform us of your name and that you have donated for "support actions" by e-mail or phone), the account is; Mitsui Sumitomo bank, Shinjukudori branch, Account number: 7838791 (Account name: NICE)

-------------------------------------------------- -------------
3) Introduction of some information

* Some information from the partner organizations.
They are nothing to do with the activities of NICE.

* Donation
Central Community Chest - http://www.akaihane.or.jp/topics/detail/id/61/
Red Cross http://www.jrc.or.jp/contribution/l3/Vcms3_00002069.html
Nippon Foundation -

* Information of goods donation from individuals Tokyo Recycle Movement Citizens, MOTTAINAI campaign
http://www.trx.jp/pdf/shien2.pdf Japan Eco tourism center

* East Earthquake Related Links
Shimin-cabinet official site http://shimin-cabinet.net/

* For foreigners living in Japan who do not understand Japanese http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/info/select.html

-------------------------------------------------- -------------
4) Advocacy and Call to Governments, Companies and Citizens

* To the banks:
We suggest that the banks should exempt their commission fees for transferring donations to assist the actions related to the earthquake no matter from Japan and abroad. Currently, many people started collecting donations with good will in many countries (e.g., Indonesia).
In particular, international money transfer fees costs some thousands yen that can be the major obstacle for sending small, but precious donations collected by NPOs and citizens. We wish Banks' great cooperation.

- To prevent abuse such as money laundering, the banks can create a special account for supported to some selected organizations (and a person to donate can specify the organization they want to support).
The, monitoring the use of donations can be relatively easily done.

* To the Government:
As well as major media companies, we propose to include ethnic media targeting the foreigners living in Japan for their press releases, etc.
(this is proposed by the Global Community Department of Citizen Cabinet)

* We will send other proposals later on. In addition, we will call to our members and others, not hoard, save electricity use, prevent harmful rumor about radioactive contamination and not to go to the affected areas without sufficient conditions even though they do by their good will.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------
5) Encouragement from all over the world

After the earthquake 11th March, in 6 days until today, we have received e-mails and phone calls of encouragement from 65 international voluntary service NGOs (+ many individuals) in 40 countries/ areas (also through other ways like face book, we are receiving a lot of messages.) As soon as translation can be done, we will introduce them on our website.

[Asia] Mongolia (MCE), Indonesia (IIWC, DJ), Vietnam (SJV, VPV), Korea (IWO, KNCU), China (JIA), Taiwan (VYA), Hong Kong (HKIEd, VT), Philippines (EYES), Thailand (ST), Malaysia (SCI), India (RUCHI, FSL, SMILE), Bangladesh (BWCA), Sri Lanka (SCI)

[Europe] Iceland (WF), Finland (ALLIANSSI), Ireland (VSI), UK (UNA, CONCORDIA, VAP), Belgium (CBB, SVI), France (SJ, CONCORDIA, UNAREC), Germany (VJF, NIG, SCI), Italy (SCI, IG), Spain (COCAT, SVI), Greece (CIA), Turkey (GEN), Poland (SCI), Serbia (YRS), Montenegro (ZID), Estonia (EST), Armenia (HUJ), Georgia (LYVG), Russia (SFERA, PZ)

[Africa] Morocco (JEC, CJN), Kenya (KVDA, CIVS, PAMOJA), Uganda (UPA), Tanzania (UV)

[Americas] Canada (CJ, FFOB), USA (VFP, VIS, SCI), Mexico (NATATE, VIVE), Ecuador (FEVI), Argentina (SAS)

[International Organizations] CCIVS, ICYE
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