We welcome you to join our workcamps, sharing happy time and creating fresh new age together! All campsites have nice nature and warm people, so you will discover colorful and vigorous figures of Japan and others that is completely different from typical images you may have through media.

The common points of all projects (unless mentioned in each description of the detailed info.) >
a) Age limit From 18 (No maximum). In some projects, we can accept children with their families or also a bit younger volunteers (aged 16-17).
b) Language English unless mentioned in the project description (but we also welcome you to try Japanese/ local languages!)
c) Insurance We provide small insurance only for accidents during the projects IN JAPAN.
d) Accommodations Mostly, there are showers, kitchens and toilets. Basic, but enjoyable enough.
e) Accessibility There are some possibilities to welcome physically disadvantaged persons in some projects that will be considered with our local partners in each case.

How to apply and join the projects!

STEP 1. Agree with the concept & rules

Read all information on this guidance and understand the concept/ agree with the rules including the covenant/ get motivated!

Only if you are Japanese or live in Japan for a year or more, you can apply to NICE directly. Ask for more info..

Non-Japanese volunteers living outside Japan need to apply through our partner NGOs of your countries (if your country is in Asia-Pacific and has no such NGOs, then you need to apply through NVDA (Network for Voluntary Development in Asia) .

STEP 2. Select choices of projects

Search the program info. and decide the choices to apply.

STEP 3. Send a form

Fill in the application form and send it to NICE ( by attached file of e-mail.

Application form

STEP 4. Pay the Inscription (Special Membership) fee

4-1) Amount of Fee

First time to
join NICE?
Fee (JPY) Card
Japan VSTV Yes 16,000
Japan VSTV No (Repeater) 13,000
Japan STV Yes 26,000
Japan STV No (Repeater) 23,000
Abroad VSTV Yes 20,000
Abroad VSTV No (Repeater) 16,000
Abroad STV Yes 36,000
Abroad STV No (Repeater) 26,000

VSTV: 1-6 days projects, STV: 7-29 days projects
No (Repeater): Those who have joined NICE workcamps before.
* The amount is 3,000 JPY less than those who apply in the Japanese site
since we waive the Annual Membership fee and also guide more simply
to those who cannot read the Japanese language.
* 3 meals and the accommodations during the project will be provided by the local host or NICE.

4-2) How to pay the fee

A) Credit Card

Click the above "NEXT" on the relevant line.

B) Bank transfer

Bank name Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank
Branch name Shinjuku dori branch
Type of account Ordinary account
Account Number 3072933
Account Holder NICE

* Payment is possible ONLY in JPY (yen).
* NICE needs to receive full amount (the bank charge has to be paid by the applicants).

C) PayPal
1. Click this link (
2. Put the amount how much you will pay.
3. Sign in to your account with your e-mail address and password.
4. Choose how to pay. You can choose the credit card which you want to use.
* If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, you can register and create
your account by free and so easily (2 min.).
Please follow the guidance and put your name, address and birthday and then,
your card number or bank account.
* The commission for the senders (around 5% in PayPal) should be additionally
paid by the volunteers while NICE will also pay the one for the receivers (around 5% in PayPal).  

4-3) Attention!

* Unless receiving both your form and fee, NICE canNOT do placement (so, please confirm date & amount of your payment by e-mail as well).

* See the guidance for the form before you will fill in.

* There is no specific deadline. When it is full, it is not possible anymore. We cannot be sure if you can join it TILL the host will confirm us!! (Don't ask us whether it is full or not since the info. we send you is all what we know. Also, even if there are vacancies, they may still refuse you if genders/ nationalities are imbal.

STEP 5. Confirmation of acceptance

As soon as getting confirmation from the host NGO, NICE will inform you with the code/ name/ dates of the project you are accepted!

STEP 6. Preparation of participation

You will prepare your travel by yourself especially booking the flights and travel insurance as well as studying culture, society and language of the host country. In some cases, you'll also need to get a visa, a vaccination, etc. (please check by yourself!)

STEP 7. Information sheets

It will be sent through NICE, in most cases by one month before the projects will start.

* This includes necessary detailed info. for your participation such as meeting time & point, how to go there, what to bring, emergent contact.

STEP 8. Joining workcamp(s)!

Enjoy your colorful & unforgettable days!!

STEP 9. Report and further actions

Please give up any feedback and photos that can be useful to improve our works and partners’ projects! NICE also organizes “welcome back parties” in Oct. and Mar.-Apr., so you are welcome to join them!

3) General Qualification;

a) Best motivation for the voluntary work (special good skills and power are not necessary)
b) Responsibility to keep rules of NICE & the partners and cooperation to run the workcamps
c) Best efforts to understand and respect cultures both of the hosts and other volunteers
d) Open mind to make friends with trying to speak English (in the groups) and the local language
e) To adapt and enjoy simple conditions of the living such as food and accommodation

Though it'd be very funny and dramatic time for you, if your motivation is only for enjoying holidays, please don't apply and do just travel. If it is more for voluntary service to make a better world and friendship with local people and other volunteers, you are super welcome!!

4) Rule of the inscription fee

4-1) How the fee is used? NICE is a non-profit organization and Fee will be used for:

a. Communication (fax, postal mails, phone, etc.) to hosting partners and applicants for placement works
b. Cost for publication (including travel to international meetings) and preparation/ evaluation programs
c. Copy and office equipment necessary for works
d. Salary of full time paid and transportation/ meals of part time voluntary staff as well as office cost
e. Support to projects in Japan and Asia and networks

* You can also see NICE's finance on the website!

4-2) Other rules of the fee
A) Give up fee (cancellation by the problems in the hosting side such as all the choices are full, the project has been canceled after acceptance, the dates of the projects have been changed after acceptance, etc.)
NICE will try to find another place according to your wish in such a case without any additional charge. But if you finally decide to give up, NICE will refund all of your fee besides the bank charge.

B) Cancellation fee (cancellation by the volunteers' personal problems such as injury, illness, no flights available, visa was rejected, etc.) NICE does NOT refund any amount of your inscription fee.

C) Finding Alternative fee (change by the problems in the hosting side)
As mentioned in A), NICE will not charge any additional fee (free)!

D) Change fee (change the volunteers' personal problems AFTER acceptance)
You need to pay 10,000 yen (before accepted) or 16,000 yen (after accepted) additionally.

< No compensation by NICE!! >
NICE can NOT compensate any amount of money by any damage of your participation for example;
+ Cancellation/ change fee of your flights paid to the travel agencies even when caused by cancellation/ change of the projects
+ Medical cost when you will get sick/ injury
+ Personal compensation to others in any accident
+ Your money/ belongings were stolen/ broken/ lost.

4-3) Other expense to join workcamps
A) Participation (Additional) fee
Most of the projects in the "South" and some of the projects in the "North" change it which amount should be written in each project description (usually, between 100-300 US$ per one project or month). It is usually paid by cash on the arrivals of the projects while in some cases, you will be asked to pay in advance after the acceptance.

B) Transportation
You need to pay the transportation between your home and the project site by yourself.

C) Travel Insurance
It is VERY necessary especially for the international travelling since nobody can compensate to you in any case of accidents, etc. (some NGOs in the "North" prepare it to the volunteers during the projects, but it is quite limited). You can also apply for travel insurance to NICE! If you are living in Japan and join the projects in Japan, you can use your own health (and if needed, also travel) insurance while NICE also provides volunteers insurance in the limitted cases and amounts. 

D) Other personal cost (for example)
* Travel cost (accommodations, meals, transportation, etc.) before/ after the projects and on the free days during the projects if you go out.
* Free time cost (phone, drink, snack, souveniors, etc.)
* Passport, visa and vaccination fee

<Keep in our mind.. >
    Meals and accommodations, tools and materials of the works will be kindly provided by the hosts. If there is no participation fee, it is covered by the local partners and also, the host NGOs need to use some part of the participation fee for their administration/ preparation, etc. So, please don't expect that all of your money is used in the local side like your meals and accommodations!!!.