Happy news! Now, we can welcome the volunteers from abroad since 2020 Mar.!
(2022 Dec. 26)
See the projects info. here.
    We are super happy to send you our projects info. starting in 2023 Jan.-Jun. in this silent night as a kind of Christmas gift from us NICE team😊 We are getting more and more vols. from the world in these months and would like to welcome your motivated vols.!

1. Global picture and next updates
    There are 6 VSTV, 38 STV (21 in Japan, 10 in Sri Lanka, 5 in Malaysia, 2 in Laos) and 13 locations (11 in Japan + 2 in Sri Lanka) with 118 periods of LMTV projects. The projects starting in 2023 Jul.-Dec. will be finalized and sent you early Mar.!

2. Entry policy and visa requirement
It has been back to the normal policy as pre COVID age (70 nationalities have visa exemption) besides a few remained COVID related regulations such as PCR test for non vaccinated people and the registration at Visit Japan Web.

3. NICE Volunteers Fee
    Please note that all volunteers need to pay this. This is stated in each project description. The fee is 6,000 JPY for VTST and STV (about 45 USD by today’s rate/ 12,000 JPY per month (6,000 JPY from the 4th month) for LMTV.
* See the detailed explanation and instruction on Page 13 of here.

    We are looking forward to receiving motivated volunteers! Let’s revive our movement and maximize our unique and valuable power together!

Kai on behalf of NICE office team with Yasu, Miho, Ai, Shima, Mami, Saya, Eri and Yu