Our projects in Japan are open ONLY to those who are living in Japan for the moment.

    NICE has made a principle that unless all of the following four conditions show the green light,
we’d not be able to neither host vols. from abroad nor send vols. from Japan
A. If both local hosts and hosting NGOs are OK to host vols. from abroad. 
B. If the hosting countries are OK to host our vols. from Japan (for our Outgoing)
or sending countries are OK to send the vols. to Japan (for our Incoming).
C. If Japanese government is OK to send our vols. to the hosting countries
(for our Outgoing) or OK to host vols. from the sending countries (for our Incoming).
D. If NICE is OK to send/ host vols. to/ from those countries.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to host the vols. from any countries for now
firstly due to C. that the Japanese government forbids any new entry from abroad.
And even after it'll be released, they'd keep a very strict policy for
entry and quarantine that requires too much resources and burdent to us
as well as most of local hosts are not ready to it.
* For sending, we have re-started introducing the Long and Mid Term Volunteers
projects in Thailand since 2021 May and possibly, add a few more countries before long.

    We hope, the situations will be changed to enable us to be able to welcome
international volunteers living in the foreign countries to our projects in Japan!


 What are NICE and Workcamps!? (click here)

NICE was founded on the 4th of February 1990 by 7 youths who had participated in volunteer workcamps abroad. In September 1990, the first international workcamp was held in Japan at the foot of the Mt. Fuji. NICE has been growing rapidly as we rise to the challenge of meeting the ever-increasing needs from communities for targeted projects and motivated volunteers.