* Click the "work" column for more details.
【How to read the above table】
* Vacancy: The number of available places (as of 2022 Jan.1)
* The number of volunteers listed in each project details is a maximum number.
The ratio of Japanese and foreigners may be biased or the total may be lower.
Especially this year, there are only domestic residents and Japanese in many programs.
In addition, many local people may join the projects in various ways!
Patipal=Part time participation is possible.
  In consideration of the situation of Covid-19, NICE has decided to confirm whether it can be held with local organizations around one month before the start.
1. The procedure for applying is the same as usual. Please apply online from the bottom of the details page of each recruitment statement and pay the prescribed participation fee.
2. Within a few days after completing the application and payment, we will send you an "application completion email". We will also secure a participation slot. We will also send you the information necessary to prepare for participation when possible.
3. In case it is decided to cancel earlier than about one month before the start, we will notify you as soon as it is decided.
4. We will inform you about the availability of the event and participation about one month before the start.
5. However, there are possibilities to cancel the project even after that depending on the situations.
Please make a reservation for your transportation as late as possible to avoid paying the cancellation charge (All transportation cancellation/ change fees will be borne by the volunteers themselves.)

Projects already started/ finished in 2021

* Click the "work" column for more details.
Project Location Start End Main work
Ozuchi 1 Ishikawa 02/03 02/09 Clear snow to protect the cultural heritage
Yunodake 1 Fukushima 02/23 03/04 Maintain the forest around Mt. Yunodake area
Ikata Ehime 02/27 03/17 Harvest mandarin oranges
Erabu 1 Kagoshima 03/01 03/14 Working in the flower farms
Akame 1 Mie 03/08 03/18 Maintain the satoyama forest
Ozuchi 2 Ishikawa 03/19 03/25 Farming in the mountain village
Kuromatsunai 1 Hokkaido 03/22 03/27 Improving a campsite at Nature School with your team
Gose 1 Nara 03/22 03/28 Revive the abandoned, organic field
Kamojima 1 Tokushima 03/22 03/31 Run inter-cultural education for kids
Shirakami 1 Aomori 04/28 05/04 Preserve the beautiful beech forests
Shirakami 2 Aomori 06/18 06/28 Preserve the beautiful beech forests