Let's stop climate change through the carbon offset and bamboo charcoal and enjoy nice exchnage with local students and people!

Yumefukuro SCC(Kumamoto) / From Sep. 1 to Nov. 20

Volunteer information
Project name Yumefukuro SCC
Location Kumamoto
Periond From Sep. 1 to Nov. 20
Type Environment/Agriculture
Capacity Max. 4 volunteers
Background This project is actively working for SDG 13 (Climate Action) and SDGs 15 (Life on Land), organized together with NAP (Nobel Apolication of Plant resources, http://nponap.com) since 1992 and since 2016, as a part of SCC (Stop Climate Change) projects initiated by NICE with NVDA (Asian network). NAP is a local NPO to recover natural ecosystem cycles. Minamata had experienced the terrible industrial pollution though it is completely safe and clean now. As well as many other parts of Japan, bamboo trees, originally brought from China by human being, are severely spreading and damaging the eco-system. Also, the beaches have a lot of rubbish, but when it’s clean, there is a lot of sea food such as oysters and sea urchins. Rehabilitation of seaweed forests is done since a few years ago.
Outcome Workcamps have made various kinds of great impacts to create a forest on the reclaimed land, etc. Last year, 4 LMTVs from 4 countries and 6 STVs from 5 countries, together with local people, maintained 1ha of bamboo forest, made 541 kg of charcoal and reduced 1.1 ton of CO2 emission. Please see the long-term goal of this project as Local SDGs athttps://www.slideshare.net/nice-workcamp/17-82084627 (only Japanese for the moment, but you can at least enjoy the pictures!)
Work Volunteers will mainly trim the bamboo trees that can increase the whole amount to fix carbon in the forest and make the bamboo charcoal to be used as fuel instead of oil as carbon offset project. Other work will include practicing the traditional dance and joining the local festival, harvesting paper mulberry trees, citrus fruits, rice and helping to run marine environmental education for middle school students.
Location Southern part of Kumamoto prefecture in Kyushu, one of the four main islands of Japan. It faces a beautiful semi-closed sea called Shiranui-kai and has gorgeous natural scenery.
Accommodation Volunteers house (Volunteers will borrow the bathrooms of neighbors that creates nice exchange). Cooked by volunteers. Sleeping bag is needed! Moved by the bicycle.
Recruitment information
Other activities To join the local festival, exchange party, excursion, etc. There may be about 1 week holiday before or after the second short term workcamp.
Other As of 2020 Nov., it seems impossible to host the vols. from abroad. NICE and the local host will make decision to organize or cancel the project around 1 month before each start though the project can be cancelled even after that depending on the situation of COVID-19. NICE cannot compensate any damage on volunteers by this and strongly recommend them to book the flights as late as possible. There are some possibilities to have a few short term workcamps during the project and the mid term vols. are expected to support to organize them.
Requirement Be able to ride a bicycle. High interest in environmental issues and their activities, big motivation to work hard, open mind, cooperation with others. Any experience and skills of the environmental work, Carbon research and Crowd funding are welcomed!