Let's play with kids and make their happiness !

Ehime(Imabari) / More than 1 month from Jan. 30 to Apl. 30/Aug.1 to Dec. 31

Volunteer information
Project name Imabari
Location Ehime
Periond More than 1 month from Jan. 30 to Apl. 30/Aug.1 to Dec. 31
Type Kids
Capacity Max. 1 volunteer
Background This project is actively working for SDG 4 (Quality Education). The worksite is the non-registered childcare facility where the host works. In Japan, there is an big issue that the number of children on waiting lists is increasing these days. Because the number of parents who are both working is increasing and they look for some registered childcare facilities to leave their child there. And many registered facilities cancels parent's application because of beyond its capacity. The host works for parents who can't leave their child at such a registered childcare facilities with various reasons.
Outcome International vols. was in charge of one of the lesson for kids and introduced own culture and played with them in 2018. In addition, she held a party to communicate with local people and show own culture and made a good relationship with local community.
Work Volunteer will take care of children (age 0~3) at the childcare facility where the host works. They will also play with children (age 3~10) by introducing their culture or showing their special skills, like playing the musical instrument or some kind of sports, dancing, drawing, cooking. etc.
Location Imabari city, Ehime prefecture. About 300 km south west of Osaka. Near Seto Island sea.
Accommodation Single room at the volunteer's house or homestay at the local host's house. You’ll cook by yourselves but lunch will be provided by the local on working day. Smoking is prohibited. No necessary to bring sleeping bag. The accommodation will be changed depends on the season. The staff will explain on the arrival seminar about it.
Recruitment information
Other activities Join the local events, going out to a park, the river, the sea with children. Cycling in Shimanami road.
Other As of 2020 Nov., it seems impossible to host the vols. from abroad. NICE and the local host will make decision to organize or cancel the project around 1 month before each start though the project can be cancelled even after that depending on the situation of COVID-19. NICE cannot compensate any damage on volunteers by this and strongly recommend them to book the flights as late as possible.
Requirement High motivation to learn and speak Japanese language, to work with kids. Positive attitude to communicate with children.