LMTV Projects

(Long & Middle Term Voluntary projects: over 6 weeks)
NICE categorizes LMTV projects into following two;
1)LMTI (Long and Middle Term Individual voluntary projects): LMTV projects where one or two volunteers stay and work in the same period.

2)LMTW (Long and Middle Term Workcamps): LMTV projects where more than two volunteers stay and work together in the same period.

The common points (unless mentioned in each description of the detailed info.)

a) Age limit From 18 (No maximum)
b) Language English and/ or Japanese (depending on the projects. See the detailed info.!)
c) Insurance We provide small insurance only for accidents during the projects IN JAPAN.
d) Accommodations Basic, but enjoyable enough. But in many of LMTI, we provide a single room!

2) Application procedure

Step 1: Send application: through the partners!!

All applicants need to send the application forms with motivation letters. Non-Japanese volunteers living outside Japan need to apply through our partner NGOs of their countries (if your country is in Asia-Pacific and has no such NGOs, then you need to apply through NVDA (Network for Voluntary Development in Asia)

Only if you are Japanese or live in Japan for a year or more, you can apply to NICE directly. Ask LM-in@nice1.gr.jp for more info., then we will send you the guidance (procedure, fee, etc.) and the form. If you have Japanese skill, you had better to write motivation letter in Japanese!

<How much should volunteers pay? >

Volunteers need to pay the travel cost to/ from the projects & the following Program fee while meals and accommodation during the projects are provided by NICE & the local partners;

a) From the NGOs charging no fee in their LMTV projects to NICE vols.: No fee

b) From the NGOs charging some fee in their LMTV projects to NICE vols. or having no LMTV projects to host NICE vols.: Program fee of 10,000 yen per one month to be paid on their arrivals

* There is also a participation fee in some projects outside Japan (mentioned in each project description).

* Some projects in Japan provide pocket money (mentioned in each project description).

Step 2: Skype Interview (usually, only for some LMTI)

If you apply for LMTI which requires speaking GOOD Japanese, you will need to call the NICE office to have Skype interview. Calling date/ time and the Skype account will be informed by NICE to your sending NGO right after NICE will have received your application form.

Step 3: Acceptance

Soon after having got the answer from the local host, NICE will inform your sending NGO whether you can be accepted or not by e-mail (Acceptance Letter, Seminars info. and NICE Volunteers’ Guide will be also sent if you are accepted). It usually takes 1-2 weeks (in some cases, even 3-4 weeks!).

Step4: Book the flights as soon as being accepted and do other preparation!

Don’t wait for the Information Sheets, otherwise you may miss economical flights!

If the final destination of your flight is not Tokyo/ Osaka, you need to book the flight to make stop-over in Tokyo or Osaka to join Preparation and Evaluation Seminars. You need to arrive at Tokyo/ Osaka by the day before the Seminars start and it is quite possible to stay in the houses of NICE members if you ask us early enough! Volunteers should not expect so much time for sightseeing during the projects, so if you want to do it, please take enough days before/ after the projects!

You can do any other preparation such as studying Japanese language/ culture/ history, etc.

<About VISA for Japan >

Unfortunately, we do not have any visa category for volunteer activities in Japan, but don’t worry, you are NOT illegal to stay in Japan for volunteering even with tourist visa!

* If you can come to Japan as a tourist without visa (from most of western/ central European countries, USA, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, NZ, many of Latin America, etc.)

You will need to join the program as a tourist (usually, you can stay in Japan for 3 months. So, you can apply for a program for 3 months in maximum (but those from Mexico, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, UK, Germany can stay for 6 months in maximum). Some people have got another 3 months stay by going to the neighboring country such as Korea and Taiwan though we are not sure if it is always possible. Some nationalities (Germany, France, UK, Korea, Canada, Australia, NZ, Taiwan and Hong Kong) can try to get working holiday visa for one year and IF both you and the local host want, you can stay in the project up to one year with this visa!!

* If you need our visa invitation letter to come to Japan (from most of south/ southeast Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, some of Latin America, etc.)

NICE will send you the invitation letter to your sending NGO and then, you will need to apply for visa to the Japanese embassy in your country with it. The maximum length may be for 3 months.

Step 5: The detailed information of the project

By 1 month before the project will start, volunteers will receive ”Information Sheets” (details of the project, what to bring, the meeting point, how to get there, etc.).

Step 6: On arrival program

NICE organizes Preparation Seminars for LMTV for Japanese/ foreign outgoing/ incoming volunteers together with Evaluation Seminars where all volunteers need to join (some LMTW projects have it at the project sites independently).

Dates: From the noon on the first days to the noon on the third days
Location Around Tokyo There are sometimes ones also around Osaka/ Fukuoka which info. will be sent to the vols. upon their requests.
Participants We expect to have 15-25 each time (Japanese/ foreign, outgoing/ incoming vols. plus staff and active members of NICE)
Program: Workshops (setting up the goals, “my expectation, fear and contribution”, planning projects), Orientation (advice from the staff/ ex. volunteers, questions and answers, etc.) and games, (in some cases) voluntary work, cooking, party, discussion, etc.
Fee No fee! (NICE will provide meals, accommodation and meeting rooms during the program by free). Transportation to/ from the place is not included and should be paid by the vols. by themselves.

Step 7: Joining the project!

You will stay and work with your local hosts (and other vols. in some projects). Have a fruitful stay!

Step 8: Evaluation Seminar

As mentioned in Step 6, all vols. also need to join the Evaluation Seminar (as listed above while some LMTW projects have it at the project sites independently) that will be done together with the Preparation Seminar in the same dates and places. During the Seminar, vols. will share positive/ negative impact of their service to both local communities and their own personal development. Then, they will also share the future proposals to their projects as well as their next life plan with filling in the evaluation form and if possible, making the project report with some pictures. You are also expected to advise the vols. of Preparation Seminar and surely, can have fun by all together!

3) General Qualification;

a) Best motivation for the voluntary work (special good skills and power are not necessary)
b) Responsibility to keep rules of NICE & the partners and cooperation to run the projects
c) Best efforts to understand and respect cultures both of the hosts and other volunteers
d) Open mind to make friends with trying to speak English (in the groups) and the local language
e) To adapt and enjoy simple conditions of the living such as food and accommodation

Though it'd be very funny and dramatic time for you, if your motivation is only for enjoying holidays, please don't apply and do just travel. If it is more for voluntary service to make a better world and friendship with local people and other volunteers, you are super welcome!!