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Kurogi(Fukuoka) / More than 1 month from Apr. 1 to Nov. 30

Volunteer information
Project name Kurogi
Location Fukuoka
Periond More than 1 month from Apr. 1 to Nov. 30
Type Agriculture/Environment
Capacity Max. 2 volunteers
Background This project is actively working for SDG2 (Zero Hunger) and SDGS15 (Life on Land).
This project has been organized with Sansonjuku, founded in 1994, maintaining forest and step rice paddies through the projects which involve people from the city and local. They started 80-days of international workcamp with NICE since 2008 to make the footpath and maintain the forest. But in July 2012, the hardest rain ever attacked around this area. After that, it had serious damages from a flood. Their aim is to activate the community and sustain the program with young people from the world to conserve this rich nature and revival in this area!
*The activity Blog
Work Volunteers will work on various types of activity related to agriculture such as [1] cultivating rice (Ex. rice planting, cutting grass in terraced rice fields (from May to Nov.), [2] helping local farm of green tea(May and Oct.), rice and vegetable(from May to Nov.), etc., [3] supporting events of Sansojuku (Ex. promotion, preparation, supporting staffs, communicating with participants, clean up).
Location Southern part of the Fukuoka prefecture. The Yame city is 482.53 km2. There are so many tee trees and terraced paddy fields.
Accommodation Egao no mori center (It was Kasahara-higashi elementary school until 2004). Volunteers cook by themselves. There may be some pocket money to support additional cost by the group (e.g.. Transportation and meals outside on free days) in some cases.
Recruitment information
Other activities Join the local events, many opportunities to learn the local wisdom, etc. Sightseeing, short trip (hot springs, famous places here).
Other As of 2020 Nov., it seems impossible to host the vols. from abroad. NICE and the local host will make decision to organize or cancel the project around 1 month before each start though the project can be cancelled even after that depending on the situation of COVID-19. NICE cannot compensate any damage on volunteers by this and strongly recommend them to book the flights as late as possible.
Requirement High motivation to learn and speak Japanese language. Respect to the local culture and way of the local organization!High motivation to work hard and interests in environment issues and local development.