Let's make beautiful flower road with local people!

Tokushima(Tokushima) / More than 1 month(anytime)

Volunteer information
Project name Tokushima
Location Tokushima
Periond More than 1 month(anytime)
Type Environment
Capacity Max. 2 volunteers
Background This project is actively working for SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) and SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities ). This project has been organized with NPO, Bizan Daigaku(B.D) since 2015. They organize workcamp with NICE from 2013. They have many types of projects, one of project started “Flower Road Project” from last year in Tokushima city. It made flowerbed along the national road by local citizen. But it is difficult to do daily maintenance (ex. watering, removing grass etc.) for them. So, they want to keep it with international volunteers. B.D. has also other projects, cleaning up river, project which it cooperate with shopping street, etc. They want to activate this town though having local events with volunteers.
*B.D.'s Facebook page (you can check the lifestyle and work)
Outcome NICE and local organization and international vols. tried the donation campaign during summer 2020 to keep this project. As a result, it has succussed and the amount of donation was 1,584,000 JPY, supported by 292 people.
Work Maintaining flowerbed (ex. watering, removing grass etc.), and support for local event cleaning up river, shopping street with local people to activate the area and communication with local people. Also volunteers will join local some activities and events.
Location Tokushima City, capital of Tokushima Prefecture, has a population of about 260,000. The city is in northern Tokushima Prefecture where the Yoshino River and its tributaries create a delta.
Accommodation Single room in local apartment house. Shower room in each rooms. Sometimes volunteers need to share 1 room. Volunteers need to prepare for breakfast by themselves. Lunch and dinner are usually cooked by themselves, sometimes provide from the local. There is wi-fi.
Recruitment information
Other activities Awa Odori Festival on August, Exchange parties, experiencing Japanese culture, etc. Join the local events etc. Sightseeing, short trip (hot springs, famous places here).
Other As of 2020 Nov., it seems impossible to host the vols. from abroad. NICE and the local host will make decision to organize or cancel the project around 1 month before each start though the project can be cancelled even after that depending on the situation of COVID-19. NICE cannot compensate any damage on volunteers by this and strongly recommend them to book the flights as late as possible.
Requirement High motivation to learn and speak Japanese language. Respect for the local cultures and way of the local organization.