Members & Partners

There are 1,253 members (76%:female, 74%:students) + 8,957 associates + 8 organizational memebers + over 10,000 local people. NICE is run by 10 full time paid professionals, 10-15 part time voluntary staff together with many active members. The General Assembly is held twice a year and the Executive Committee of NICE is held six times a year. We are independent from any political, religious or economic organization.

NICE has over 165 partner NGOs in 90 countries & 123 local project partner NGOs in Japan!
We are completely independent from any political, religious, economic power. NICE is (2019 Nov.);
a) Main Founder of NVDA (Network for Voluntary Development in Asia) since 1997 (President for 15 years)
b) Member of CCIVS (Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service) since 1995 (EC in 1995-2016)
c) The first Asian member of ALLIANCE of European Voluntary Service Organizations since 1996
d) Partner Organization of SCI (Service Civil International) officially since 2010
We also cooperate with a lot of governments, NGO/ NPOs, media, foundations and people and are
affiliated in some national networks of NGOs for advocacy, international cooperation, youth, etc.