Protect the beech forest in the Shirakami Mountains !

International Workcamp  Shirakami1(Aomori) 4/28~5/4

Work camp information
Code NICE-21-0428A
Project name Shirakami 1
Location Aomori,Japan
Periond 4/28~5/4
Type Environment
Volunteers 5 menbers (Who live in Japan now.)
Background This project is actively working for SDG 13 (Climate Action) and SDGs 15 (Life on Land), organized together with Shirakami Mountains Preservation Society (SMPS), since 2006. The Shirakami Mountains is one of Japanese valuable preserved natural forests consisting primarily of beech trees, registered as a World Natural Heritage in 1993. SMPS aims to preserve the natural beauty of the Shirakami Mountains by nurturing seedlings of beech trees, planting them, training mountain guide, etc. SMPS hosts tree-planting ceremony every June for preserving beech forests and promoting the value. They also preserve the forests near the Mutsu-bay, famous as production of scallops. Due to climate change, the sea water temperature increased abnormally in 2010, the most of scallops were dead, so SMPS started to preserve the forest there to let nutrient water flow to the ocean. *Outcome of this workcamp: The workcamps have made great impact to revive/ maintain the natural forests as well as to raise awareness on environmental protection. In 2019, 7 vols from 4 countries worked well together with the local host. It was cancelled last year, because of COVID-19.
Work Volunteers will do various types of nature conservation works such as 1) transplanting the seedlings 2) seeding for growing nursery trees, 3) arranging the environment for seeding beds and so on. Work might be changed due to weather condition, we need to be flexible!
Location Volunteers will work in Ajigasawa town and Hiranai town in Aomori prefecture. Aomori is located on the northernmost tip of Honshu Island. Shirakami Mountains located in southwest and the Mutsu-bay nestles between the eastern Shimokita and western Tsugaru Peninsulas. This is the good season for cherry blossom-viewing there.
The nearest international airport is in Tokyo. From Tokyo to the meeting point in Aomori pref., it takes 7 hours by bullet train or 10 hours by bus. You need to arrive at the airport in Tokyo (Narita/ Haneda) by 19:00 on 27th Apr. and can leave there arround noon on 4th May.
Accommodation Shared room in old elementary school. Sleeping bag is needed! Meals will be cooked by volunteers by turns.
Recruitment information

▼ Recruitment information

Voices of planners and participants In the Shirakami Mountains, a World Heritage Site, many mountain dwellers have been involved to protect this mountain since ancient times. Even if the forestry industry is abolished, we want to preserve this nature for the next generation. Why don't you sweat refreshingly in this wilderness? And why not enjoy nature not only through nature but also through conversations with the people who live there? (Mr. Yuto Nagai, representative of the Shirakami Mountains Protection Association)
Other activities  Enjoy rich nature around accommodation, taking a walk at morning, hot spring, etc.
Other Shirakami Mountains Association
Requirement Volunteers should be prepared to work hard outside in good and bad weather and have high motivation for work in the forests actively with local people.
Charm *You can be involved in the protection of World Natural Heritage!
*Recommended for people who like mountains, nature and trekking!
Total cost
What is included in the participation fee

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《Free for Accommodation and Food》
The venue usually provides free transportation and equipment necessary for accommodation, meals and work during the participation period. Please do not assume that you will be provided with accommodation and meals for the amount you paid.

What is NOT included in the participation fee

Transportation expenses

Due to meeting and breaking up at the venue, you will need to use a train, bus, or plane to reach the meeting place by yourself.
Tickets will be arranged by yourself.

Other personal expenses

○ Free travel expenses before / after participation(Fee for transportation, food, accommodation, admission materials, etc. There is a big difference depending on the person.)
○Expenses for free time during the participation period(Fee for transportation, sweets, alchol drinks, souvenirs, admission, etc. Usually it is about several thousand yen.)