Let's enjoy rich nature in Iwaki! Maintain forest around Mt. Yunodake area!

International Workcamp  Yunodake 1(Fukushima) 2/23~3/4

Work camp information
Code NICE-21-0223A
Project name Yunodake1
Location Iwaki city,Fukushima,Japan
Periond 2/23~3/4
Type Environment
Volunteers 8 menbers (Who live in Japan now.)
Background This project is actively working for SDG 15 (Life on Land), This project has been organized together with Iwaki no Mori ni Shitashimukai (IMS) since 2016. IMS is an NPO that maintaining forests and organizing activities there for kids. They aim to revive local woods by the hand of citizens, and they hope the forests are used by citizens safely and freely. There are 4 groups in IMS, such as maintaining forests group, agriculture group, wood handicraft group, planning for kids group, and volunteers join their works during the workcamp. Also, volunteers infuse with energy by working with IMS, which faces the aging of the members. *Outcome of this workcamp: In 2019, 4 vols. from 3 countries contributed nicely to what IMS can hardly do in their daily activities such as creating a playing place for the children, transplanting ceder trees, making fences, etc.
Work 1. Maintain abandoned chestnut forest.
2. Maintain footpath we call Yunodake nature walking course. IMS organizes the nature tour and nature there.
Location It is located Iwaki city (south part and near shore) in Fukushima pre.. Iwaki-city is most huge land and highest population number in Fukushima.
The nearest international airport is in Tokyo (Narita/Haneda). From Tokyo to the meeting point, it takes 3 hours by bus. Volunteers need to arrive at Narita/Haneda airport by the morning of the first day and can leave the project site around the lunch of the last day.
Accommodation A facility which it used to be training center for forestry workers. Shared room by gender. Meal is cooked by volunteer by turn. All basic facilities are provided.
Recruitment information

▼ Recruitment information

Voices of planners and participants We will maintain the forest while touching the nature that spreads over Yunodake in Fukushima Prefecture. Recommended for those who want to work while sweating hard! The members of the Iwaki Forest Familiarity will also warmly welcome you. There are always a lot of inserts! !! (NICE staff: Ono)
Other activities  Welcome party by locals
Other [Website of IMS]
Requirement Interest to protect nature and to exchange with people.
Charm *Exchange with the host groups who have passionate feelings!
* The natural environment that spreads over Yunodake!
Total cost
What is included in the participation fee

Participation fee (domestic) (Click to see table for details *Japanese only.)

《Free for Accommodation and Food》
The venue usually provides free transportation and equipment necessary for accommodation, meals and work during the participation period. Please do not assume that you will be provided with accommodation and meals for the amount you paid.

What is NOT included in the participation fee

Transportation expenses

Due to meeting and breaking up at the venue, you will need to use a train, bus, or plane to reach the meeting place by yourself.
Tickets will be arranged by yourself.

Other personal expenses

○ Free travel expenses before / after participation(Fee for transportation, food, accommodation, admission materials, etc. There is a big difference depending on the person.)
○Expenses for free time during the participation period(Fee for transportation, sweets, alchol drinks, souvenirs, admission, etc. Usually it is about several thousand yen.)