Let's work with the Nature School in Hokkaido which is famous for beautiful nature and tasty, fresh food!

International Workcamp - Kuromatsunai 1 (Hokkaido) 2021/05/03-05/08 (6 days) 

Workcamp Information
Code NICE-21-0322VB
Project name Kuromatsunai 1
Location Hokkaido,Japan
Periond 3/22-3/27
Type Environment, Education
Volunteers 8 persons
Background This project is actively working for SDG4 (Quality Education)/ SDGS11 (Sustainable cities and communities) and has been organized together with Buna-no-mori Shizen Gakko (nature school with beech forests) since 2003. BSG was started in 1998 to promote ecological education for kids and run various kinds of kids programs. NICE has been recruiting international vols. to their summer kids camps. Thus, the workcamps are hosted in spring since 2015 to help creating and developing an organic, community farm where various kinds of people can gather and heal their bodies and mind, but from this year, we will focus on also the activities and maintenance of BSG.
*Outcome of this workcamp: In 2019, 6 vols. from 4 countries worked together with the local people and made great contribution such as planting 25 birch trees, helping to run the cherry festival and exchanging with the local kids to grow glocal friendship! Please see the long term goal of this project as "Local SDGs" at https://www.slideshare.net/nice-workcamp/n1-68295484 (only Japanese for the moment, but you can at least enjoy the pictures!)
Work We will 1) maintain the Nature School (chopping woods, caring chicken, etc.), 2) help the community farm, 3) assist the events of BSG.
Location South west of Hokkaido island. Full of beautiful nature with national reserve of beech forests, a river and wetland. Main industry is cattle farming.
The nearest international airport is in Sapporo. From Sapporo to the meeting point, it takes 2 hours by express train. You need to arrive at Shin-Chitose (Sapporo) airport by 09:00 on May 3rd and can leave there after 14:00 on May 8th. From Tokyo, 13 hours by bullet train or 32 hours by ship.
Accommodation Building of the school. Meals will be cooked by volunteers by turns while dinner will be kindly provided by Mariko san, great mother of BSG (of course, you will still need to help cooking or washing) that is so yummy!
Recruitment Information

Recruitment Information

Voices of planners and participants  Takagi san, the President of BSG is one of the leading persons for the nature school movement in Japan with a lot of experiences and great visions. You may possibly have a few opportunities to talk with him with drinking. And his partner, Mariko san, has been warmly taking care of hundreds of kids and youth with a big heart (in case you will have a chance to eat her dishes, you will surely enjoy a lot!) And 3 young staff members are also kind, active and attractive, so we fully recommend you to join them! (KAIZAWA Shinichiro, President of NICE who is also in charge of this project from the NICE's side.)
Other activities Exchange time after the dinner, introduction of the town and the school, mini tour of the town kindly organized by the school staff (optional)
Other website of BSN (in Japanese only)
Requirement Empathy to the aims and activities of BSG. High motivation to work hard outside and do team activities
Charm * Enjoy beautiful early spring of Hokkaido!
* Learn and contribute to the Nature School
Total cost
What is included in the participation fee

Participation fee (domestic) (Click to see table for details *Japanese only.)

《Free for Accommodation and Food》
The venue usually provides free transportation and equipment necessary for accommodation, meals and work during the participation period. Please do not assume that you will be provided with accommodation and meals for the amount you paid.

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Due to meeting and breaking up at the venue, you will need to use a train, bus, or plane to reach the meeting place by yourself.
Tickets will be arranged by yourself.

Other personal expenses

○ Free travel expenses before / after participation(Fee for transportation, food, accommodation, admission materials, etc. There is a big difference depending on the person.)
○Expenses for free time during the participation period(Fee for transportation, sweets, alchol drinks, souvenirs, admission, etc. Usually it is about several thousand yen.)