Working hard and healthy with an organic farmer who conserves beautiful culture and scenery in the countryside of Japan!

International Workcamp Gose1(Nara) 3/22~3/28

Work camp information
Code NICE-21-0322B
Project name Gose1
Location Gose city,Nara pref,Japan
Periond 3/22~3/28
Type Agriculture
Volunteers 5 menbers (Who live in Japan now.)
Background This project is actively working for SDG2 (Zero Hunger) and SDGS15 (Life on Land). This project is co-organized with Sugiura Farm that engages in organic farming for pursuing food safety and an environmental-friendly society. The owner of this farm is Mr. Sugiura, who is the only a man taking care of 2 hectares of farmland abandoned by local people. The local people became too old to keep working on the farm. Mr. Sugiura cultivates, harvests crops, even makes fertilizer and processes the harvest into products. He is working not only for crops, but also for conserving the environment and the beautiful scenery of living fields in the countryside of Japan. *Outcome of this workcamp: International vols. gradually have become familiar with local people and community thanks to local host's effort. They not only worked at the farm but also joined local festival as a staff and went to language school to study Japanese. They are required to make good relationship with local and create valuable changes in the community.
Work Volunteers will engage in the process of organic farming with duties such as cultivating vegetables and rice, weeding, harvesting and packing them for shipment. *Outcome of this workcamp:
Location It is located in Gose city, Nara pref. which is about 50 km southeast of Osaka.
From Osaka to the project site, 2 hour by train. Volunteers are required to arrive in Osaka by the morning on the first day and leave campsite after 15:00 on the last day. Using Kansai International Airport (KIX) is convenient for the access to the orientation and project site.
Accommodation Volunteers stay at an old Japanese house next to the local host's. The kitchen and shower are shared with the local host. Volunteers cook by themselves. Smoking is not allowed. A cat and dog is kept around the house.
Recruitment information

▼ Recruitment information

Voices of planners and participants Farmland in the middlelands is rapidly deteriorating. Wild boars hide in the wasteland, and the damage is so severe that they give up production, leave farming, and the wasteland grows. The work is monotonous, but there is a sense of accomplishment. Local people are also happy. When the farmland becomes rough, I feel at ease. Protecting farmland is synonymous with protecting local cultural traditions and communities. (From Sugiura Farm Representative Eiji Sugiura) Click here for Local SDGs created by the 2019 leaders! →
Other activities Join the local events, many opportunities to learn the local wisdom, etc. Sightseeing, short trip (hot springs, temples and shrines).
Requirement High motivation to learn and speak Japanese language, to work hard with simple mountain life in a remote area. Respect for the local culture and way of the local organization. Interests in agriculture.
Charm * Farming in the best location fields with beautiful scenery!
* Deepen your understanding of organic farming!
Total cost
What is included in the participation fee

Participation fee (domestic) (Click to see table for details *Japanese only.)

《Free for Accommodation and Food》
The venue usually provides free transportation and equipment necessary for accommodation, meals and work during the participation period. Please do not assume that you will be provided with accommodation and meals for the amount you paid.

What is NOT included in the participation fee

Transportation expenses

Due to meeting and breaking up at the venue, you will need to use a train, bus, or plane to reach the meeting place by yourself.
Tickets will be arranged by yourself.

Other personal expenses

○ Free travel expenses before / after participation(Fee for transportation, food, accommodation, admission materials, etc. There is a big difference depending on the person.)
○Expenses for free time during the participation period(Fee for transportation, sweets, alchol drinks, souvenirs, admission, etc. Usually it is about several thousand yen.)